cookie policy for website

The website cookie policy is a document necessary to explain clearly and transparently which cookies are used and how to prevent their installation. Whenever your site uses cookies, both first and third party, it is important that users are informed of which cookies you are using and why. It is equally important that cookies other than technical ones are not installed, until users have requested consent.

How is the website cookie policy structured?

Our website cookies policy contains a first paragraph with general information about cookies, what they are used for and why they are used. Then we move on to indicate the categories of cookies (technical and functional, analytical, profiling and marketing). It indicates how to prevent or block the installation of cookies, the consequences of any refusal or acceptance. Finally, a list of third-party cookies follows.

How to set the cookie policy?

Distinguish between first-party cookies, i.e. installed directly from your site, and third-party cookies, the latter installed by sites and applications managed by third parties. List third-party cookies and explain the purpose of each. In this way the user will be fully informed and will be able to choose, consciously, which cookies to authorize and reject. Block profiling and marketing cookies until the user has expressed their consent to their installation.

To request the cookies policy from the Firm, click here .

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